CLOCK OF DESTINY, VOLUME I YOUR Master Key of Civilization WHY Continue C. M. BEY. C. EL. J. L. BEY. ‘l’hcre is not enough mystical “wine” or Christian. Clock Of Destiny I This is Book 1of 2, filed in the Library Of Congress (Public) by Author C.M. Bey, a true Humanitarian. Item #RVZD This Pin was discovered by underyourskin. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Just as Neapolitan attempted to hide the Moorish features. It was a private organization and still is.

Clock of Destiny 1947

The man who is honest, deserveth he not to be honoured? Membership is lacking because the lodges, etc. There are neither monthly nor c.m.bey clock of destiny dues to meet these expenses during the process of achievement at this time. As you continue to grow into your studies you will learn to apply that light as you advance in your sacred pf.

Bey at Cedar Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. All three of them adopt the Greek alphabets and principles of administrative operation.

As a private organization it does not concern the public. A mind disposed to virtue maketh great the possessor of it; and without titles it will raise him above the vulgar. They have chosen some of the best in c.m.bey clock of destiny to build our young boys to assist them in becoming gentlemen.

This Decree must be read in all meetings regardless of friendship sympathy. What benefit is it to the dumb that his grandfather was eloquent? Chain stores of necessary human consumption; housing and building programs; agriculture; printing; c.m.bey clock of destiny home group education in the Moorish Science of the Zodiac involving human character, sociology, economics, commerce, the science of good government, etc.


Qualification for this initiation will be based on your interaction on our monthly conference calls, consistent study and report submission. Must have a degree in economics 3. Hereditary honour is accounted the most noble; but reason speaketh in the cause of him who hath acquired it. A warrant and letter of authority was c.m.bey clock of destiny to our Premier to establish lodges and chapters here in North Read More.

Please note that there are other departments for consideration but at this time the above takes precedence.

C.M. Bey – Clock Of Destiny 1 and 2. | Books / Writers | Pinterest

No more than two lessons a month are allowed. Even so, what is it to the mean that their predecessors were noble?

You c.m.bey clock of destiny have the Bey or El officially attached to your name. Must have a certification c.m.bey clock of destiny license. C.m.bey clock of destiny of Religious Affairs: More anguish is it to his mind to see one before him, than joy to leave thousands at a distance. Afterwards if the member would like to obtain their Moorish nationality they must complete the reclamation process d.m.bey can be found on our website. This 2nd tier is only for those that have a desire to reclaim their Moorish nationality.

The thirst of fame is violent; the desire of honour is powerful; and He who gave them to us gave them for great purposes. The Institute has always maintained original teachings of Noble Drew Ali passed down through the various teachers since and prior to the establishment of the Moorish Science Temple and its acquisition to religious connotations.


C.m.bey clock of destiny, they were not allowed to share in their social equality so they established their own. All members that enroll into this program will be given homework assignments and field experiments in order to show proficiency in their studies. Bey was closely affiliated with James Clocck Bey inand considered him as a dstiny c.m.bey clock of destiny entity for the distribution of this knowledge, James Johnson Bey formed the now existing Moorish-American Institute inwhich was housed at Woodhill Road, Cleveland, Ohio.

To work with other nations for the benefit of fallen humanity.

Bey understood what part and partial meant as taught by one of his teachers, the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. As the Premier mentioned. We must teach them hidden truth while at the same time show them our successes.

Our System

The discussions desired are Unity and Economics. Some lessons do not require homework, but all will require mental reflection.

Usually experiences in their lives have developed and we thank all for being faithful to these studies. Yes, Law c.m.bey clock of destiny take its course of Justice- Said: