Marxist philosophy is not to be found in Marx’s writings, but emerged retrospectively in of For Marx and (with Etienne Balibar) Reading Capital (trans. ETIENNE BALIBAR. “Succinct and informative”. Fredric Jameson. “A trenchant and exciting analysis of the philosophy of Marx”. Immanuel Wallerstein. A rich and accessible introduction to Marx’s fundamental concepts from a key intellectual—now updated Written by one of political theory’s.

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As vehemently as he had renounced philosophy in the Thesis, Balibar contends, Marx was already reverting to it with this new work. The point, of course, is to change the world and this can only be done through political praxis. An excellent introduction to both Marx and Marxisms; Balibar interweaves both history and competing strands of interpretation to provide an excellent guide for both newcomer and experienced reader alike.

Negri also wrote a Spinoza book which I won’t list here. Please try again later. The future always presents a multiplicity of paths of development because within any one epoch there are always a multiplicity of times at work, as capitalist time engenders proletarian time and so forth. Menu Skip to content Home About C. Balibar really makes Marx speak to the history of philosophy in a fascinating erienne.

Review: The Philosophy of Marx – Etienne Balibar (Verso, 1997)

I’m just starting this one, but it seems to provide a good, concise summary of Marx’s thought, its relation to philosophy, and the pertinent historical information. Then watch the David Harvey lectures I posted, and if you still need some supplements–don’t feel bad etiene it, Marx combines economics, philosophy and nascent sociology in tue way that few people can handle from every aspect. For Balibar, Marx is a thinker frequently switching back and forth from anti-philosophy to philosophy and in so doing arriving at a meta-critique of philosophy that changed the western tradition forever.

To be fair, they can’t help it, it’s the way they are trained.

‘The Philosophy of Marx’ by Étienne Balibar – TheoryLeaks

He philosophj believed the uprisings in Europe were the start of revolutionary change; they not only failed but moreover the proletariate showed itself to be far from immune to other ideologies of the time- nationalism, religion. This is particularly true in the last section, which, despite the clear and generally readable translation of Chris Turner, comes off as muddled.


As others have said this definitely isn’t an introduction, and it’s also unfortunately short. Rather it is a balibag of dynamic processes organically linked together as an inherent part of their make up. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Over the last thirty years or so I’ve read all of Marx’s work and that of many others writing about Marx. When Libertarian Americans appeal to Ayn Rand as an icon, to choose an example which would be absurd if the world was not insane, why is it not ideal to summon the arguments Marx wrote against the egoism of Max Stirner in the Ideologies?

Mar 07, Robert rated it it was amazing. Jan 07, Pages Buy.

Why is discussion of the ontological status of the individual in society less critical today than in ? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Indeed, Hegel also has this latent teleology. If Marx himself considered that the failure of the revolutions invalidated what he had written in the Communist Manifesto ofso that a radical change of direction was necessary, and he reacted similarly to the manifest deficiencies of the Paris Commune, it seems pretty hard to imagine that the same Marx — or any serious student of his work — would be unperturbed pgilosophy any of the subsequent events between and Stay in Touch Sign up.

Varn rated it really liked it. Karx reads this as an aporia: And what he proposes is quite simply to explode the contradiction to dissociate representation and subjectivity and allow the category of practical activity to emerge in its own right” Yet, even if I agree with Marx, can we efienne that there is actually a real dialectic there? Marx therefore had to redefine one to redefine the other. phllosophy

If I were to give this book to the average reader who has no knowledge of Marx I know very well what that they wouldn’t be able to get through the first 5 pages of the book. It was not just that the superstructure was based on the means of production, but that the flow between them was so unbound that there is no beginning and no en One of the best known truisms etisnne Marx is that he turned Hegel upside down by replacing the latter’s idealism with a materialist base.

Like her supervisor she writes using the same flowery often incomprehensible prose. The thesis on Feuerbach were aptly explored though obviously there is always room for improvementand I felt like the different portions should have been explored to a similar extend. If you want a ready an interesting and provocation, but brief philosophical treatise on Marx, do read Balibar.

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The Philosophy of Marx

Every key Marxian concept, from alienation to commodity fetishism, is described comprehensively and in historical context. I just began reading this, but I feel lost. Fetishism, by contrast, was a theory of subjection to the market in which productive human activity was alienated from itself via its subordination to the reproduction of exchange value. Nov 22, John rated it it was amazing. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that it strictly focuses on some select areas which are apparently of special interest to Balibar: For similar critiques, Derrida’s The Spectre of Marx and the reaction against it, Ghostly Demarcations, are quite good.

He examines all the key areas of Marx’s writings, including his early works, “The Communist Manifesto,” “The German Ideology” and “Capital,” explaining their wider historical and theoretical context. Marx is more important for philosophy than ever before.

About The Philosophy of Marx Providing a lucid and accessible introduction to Marx, complete with pedagogical boxes, a chronology and guides to further reading, Etienne Balibar makes the most difficult areas of his philosophy easy to understand.

Mar 21, Johnny H rated it really liked it. Oct 17, Al Matthews marked it as thesisavoidance.

The Philosophy of Marx – Étienne Balibar – Google Books

It is vital, however, to notice that philosophy is philosophu here. There are difficult sections, philosopjy is inevitable since the topic of the book is, after all, Marx and Marxism, but Balibar handles the difficult material very fluently so that I personally found it interesting and informative. Balibar argues that there is no uniform Marxist philosophy, but that Marx’s philosophy continues to be important. If the ideologically defined subject was a byproduct of society, rather than the other way around, this subject was still born of ideas.