Coordination compounds contain an ion and an array of ligands. Naming coordination compounds involves a set of rules which includes the oxidation number of. 1. Nomenclature of Coordination Complexes. Rule 1: The names of neutral coordination complexes are given without spaces. For coordination compounds that. I U P A C R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S 2 0 0 5. Issued by nomenclature of coordination compounds) which was already apparent in Red Book I is reinforced.

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Nomenclature of Coordination Compounds

Writing Formulas of Coordination Complexes. Cl has a -1 charge, making the second complex the anion. General Chemistry Principles and Modern Applications. Again, remember that you never have to indicate the number of cations and anions in the name of an ionic compound.

Complex Nomenclature: Coordination Compounds, Rules, Videos, Q&As

Number Prefix Number Prefix Number Prefix 1 mono 5 penta pentakis 9 nona ennea 2 di bis 6 hexa hexakis 10 deca 3 tri tris 7 hepta 11 undeca iupac nomenclature of coordination compounds tetra tetrakis 8 octa 12 dodeca. There is only one monodentate ligand, hydroxide.

While naming a coordination compound, we always name the cation before the anion. Most neutral molecules that are ligands carry their normal name. Select Neutral Uupac Ligands. References Petrucci, Ralph H.

The complex ion is a cation, the counter anion is the 3 bromides. Some metals also change to their Latin names in this situation. See examples 3 and 4. Anions ending with “-ite” and “-ate” are replaced with endings “-ito” and “-ato” respectively e. Here are some examples with nommenclature oxidation states, naming a metal in an anion complex, and naming coordination compounds.


This is just like naming an iupac nomenclature of coordination compounds compound. Ammine is spelled with two m’s when referring to a ligand.

For example, Co in a complex cation is call cobalt and Pt is called platinum. For more information, see Ligands and Chelation. According to the Comppunds base theoryligands are Lewis bases since they can donate electrons to the central metal atom. If the ligand already contains a Iupac nomenclature of coordination compounds prefix e. A last little side note: Therefore, you will write the complex with NH 3 first, followed by the one with Cl the same order as the formula. SO 4 is an anion, so it comes before NH 3.

Their order in the formula is the opposite of that in the complex’s name since one iupac nomenclature of coordination compounds their chemical symbols and the other uses the names of the ligands.

Since it still has to be written in the formula, it is determined by balancing the overall charge of the compound. The exceptions are polydentates that have a prefix already in their name en and EDTA 4- are cmopounds most common. Following the name of the metal, the oxidation state of the metal in the complex iupac nomenclature of coordination compounds given as a Roman numeral in parentheses.

The NH 3 are neutral molecules while the chloride carries – 1 charge. You will learn more about coordination compounds in the lab lectures of experiment 4 in this course. From the charge on the complex ion and the charge on the nomennclature, we can calculate the oxidation number of the iupac nomenclature of coordination compounds.


This rule does not count the fact of whether the complexion is cation or anion. For some metals, the Latin names are used in the complex anions e.

Nomenclature of Coordination Complexes

This will represent the iupac nomenclature of coordination compounds to which they refer being placed in parentheses. Similarly, the naming of coordination compounds complex nomenclature is important to provide an unambiguous method to represent and describe formulas and names of coordination compounds systematically. Remember that ligands are always named firstbefore the metal is.

This coordination complex is called tetraamminechloronitrito-N-cobalt III.

Nomenclature of Coordination Complexes – Chemistry LibreTexts

coordinatiom Ligand Multiplicity The number of ligands present in the complex is indicated with the prefixes di, tri, etc. NH 3 is neutral, making the first complex positively charged overall.

Both ligands are neutral, so they are ordered alphabetically with H 2 O before NH 3. Also, it becomes very important while you deal with isomers.

Examples Give the systematic names for the following coordination compounds: Na, the positive cation, comes first and Cl, the negative anion, follows. This coordination compound is called tetraammineplatinum II tetrachloroplatinate II. Name the ligands first, in alphabetical order, then the metal atom or ion. Complex nomenclature is an extensive study and as chemistry students, you must be well-versed iupac nomenclature of coordination compounds the same.