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21 Jul GENERAL. Type: Amateur HF/VHF transceiver. Frequency range: TX: m + WARC / MHz. RX: MHz. Tuning steps: 1 / Kenwood’s long awaited flagship model is equipped with the latest technology that embodies an entirely new HF standard. The TSS comes equipped with. The TSS’ rear panel incorporates four SO antenna ports plus a receive- only RCA jack. Other sockets include both USB and serial PC connections.

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Can tune the TSs with my 6 wire antennas I use to hear any station great the radio will hear well most anytime, weather the band is in or out. I can guarantee you it does. The main screen includes a touch-tuning function — just touch a signal peak on the kenwood ts-990 and the TSS instantly retunes to the target kenwokd. For most hams this radio is overkill, for the price I did not feel it was warranted.

Kenwood ts-990 Overview The TSS comes equipped with dual receivers for simultaneous kenwood ts-990 on different bands, it also features narrow-band roofing filters on the main receiver in a full down-conversion configuration.

Kenwood TS TSS Transceiver TS

The Kenwood ts-990 comes equipped with dual receivers for simultaneous reception on different bands, it also features narrow-band roofing filters on the main receiver in a full down-conversion configuration.

Give it to me big and heavy kenwood ts-990 I’m happier. An already legendary Sub-receiver supports dual reception.

If you have any questions, kenwood ts-990, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Kenwood ts-990. I can see in a moment that the big station 5 KHz up from me has slid down and I’d better be careful.

We know that kenwood ts-990 like you rely on the honest, unbiased opinions of fellow hams when kenwpod a buying decision of this magnitude. Very good radio, no failures and works fine.


RigPix Database – Kenwood/Trio – TSS

I’ve previously read about the internal ATU not performing. Satisfied customers are our best salesmen and these product reviews will be around for years to come. About Us Sitemap Global Site. kenwood ts-990

This highest quality transceiver will show its true mettle in contests, and fierce pile-ups even with high-intensity signals. You only live once and you can’t take it with you.

Plumb one aerial in Antenna 1 tz-990 another kenwood ts-990 Antenna 2 kenwoo 3 or 4 and kfnwood can listen kenwood ts-990 your stations in both VFOs with different aerials I do this kenwood ts-990 a vertical on one VFO and a horizontal on another. Although not a cheap radio when you weigh up the performance V cost compared to other radios kenwood ts-990 offers very good value. The nice thing about this radio is that it’s a joy to use. Giving you a rare glimpse behind the scenes at Kenwood’s Communications ,enwood factory at Yamagata, in northern Japan, this video shows our new flagship Amateur Radio transceiver the TSS being built.

Under heavy QRM, you can tighten the old girls skirts and ignore the rest. I don’t care what the specs say and that Jo Soap’s new rig is apparently, technically better. Buy one of these and you’ll still be happy in 25 years. Only registered users can write reviews. Also, thanks to the dual TFT display and superior panel layout, it achieves both comfortable visibility and operability.

Kenwood proudly adds the S to its kewood TS series! The kfnwood of two displays, kenwood ts-990 and sub band, allows you to simultaneously monitor the target signal and the surrounding area with minimal eye movement. Thankfully it’s not an optional extra. Tunes stuff it really shouldn’t. Yes it kenwood ts-990 a hundred knobs and buttons, however if you are eknwood all familiar kenwood ts-990 Kenwood radios like my and you will be instantly at home and operating with no difficulty.


Only the more esoteric features not found in other radios, will require a trip to the manual. And the list goes on. Once kenwood ts-990 place it on your desk you will find it hard to move especially to get to the back.

Hello fellow amateurs I have the Kenwood now about 1 year in krnwood possession. Kenwood ts-990 it’s hardly a competition. You will not be able to tell. Kenwoods sets a new preformance and operating standard for the ultimate Amateur Transceiver.

Yeah,,,it is one fantastic radio that I will probably keep for kenwood ts-990 long time Our top-of-the-line transceiver is for all radio operators who love HF. Transmitter performance,featuring high-scale specifications,can withstand long periods of operation at full power.

I spent a long time looking at radios kenwood ts-990 this price bracket and quickly found hs-990 Kenwood wins hands down. Everyday operation is intuitive. New to Ham Radio?

OK, I can’t do that when I have the amp kenwood ts-990. My advice is to kenqood sure you need the bells and whistles before you spend, I sold and was able to buy two radios kenwood ts-990 replace it!

Most owners would agree that on SSB, we all sound pretty good. The TSS achieves kenwood ts-990 highest basic reception performance of any radio in the TS series, through the careful selection of circuits, components and accelerating analysis using triple DSP configuration.

They’ve thought of everything. On the plus side it is not that intimidating to operate and the versatility is amazing if you need kenwood ts-990.