Spartacus Discover ideas about Dumbbell Workout. Men’s Health Spartacus Workout – My all time favorite travel WOD Use the Seconds Pro Tiimer. The Spartacus Workout from Men’s Health. 4/4/ Picture. From Men’s Health, this is a great workout. Are we doing this circuit 2 times or 3 times? Reply. 30 Jan This Spartacus Workout is a challenging full-body workout that burns fat and sculpts muscle so you can rapidly September 3, at pm.

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Grab a pair of hex dumbbells and assume a pushup position, your arms straight.

Spartacus | Workouts | Pinterest | Spartacus, Workout and Exercises

I usually mens health spartacus workout 3.0 to drink half before and then finish the other half after the workout. As you lower your body, bend forward at your hips and touch the dumbbells to wlrkout floor. Stand in a staggered stance with your feet 2 to 3 feet apart, your right foot in front of your left. Im going to do the fast tomorrow. Bend your elbows and lower your wworkout until your chest nearly touches the floor.

Morning Workout Tips I know everyone feels guilty every time they hear about morning workouts if they are not doing them. It gets better by the 2nd week.

The Spartacus Workout 2012

I am currently doing heavy weight training sessions 3 times a week and cardio most days with the occassional HIIT. Thanks for your help, and keep up the great work. At the second mark, switch arms. Free Fit In 30 Days Email Course Change your life in only three weeks with free and simple lifestyle changes that will dramatically change your quality of life.


The watch I bought was a basic Timex Ironman watch on Amazon. GREAT for burning calories and losing fat. Assume a pushup position. It’s a pain to keep resetting your phone’s timer to tell you when to stop. Mens health spartacus workout 3.0 there a modification to one of the Spartacus workouts that would target biceps? I feel like p90x gave me better, faster results. Yes it will help build some lean muscle.

Dillan Muir February 9, at 5: For cool down I usually just do a quick all around stretching routine. Your body should form a straight line from your head to your ankles.

Palmer June 19, at 1: Of course you could just use the countdown timer feature. As you lunge, rotate mens health spartacus workout 3.0 upper body to the right. The basic idea behind the workout is that there are 10 exercises in the circuit, each of which you do for 60 seconds. Looks like for a little more money you can buy a watch with an interval timer: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hi Win, yes you can do that or you mens health spartacus workout 3.0 also lower the work times to 30 seconds and increase the rest times to 60 seconds to lessen the intensity.

First, I apologize for the long post…. Josh Schlottman June 19, at 9: Greets from germany Marco Reply. Looking for maximum results during summer … many thanks and great website!

Or will the Spartacus workout make me thinner and lose muscle? Guys will surely build a ripped body with these workouts as well. I am a bit confused, since the food needed before cardio and weightlifting is different. Comments Wow, wonderful blog layout!

CJ April 21, at 4: You could start with HIIT but I would recommend doing this workout mens health spartacus workout 3.0 with lower work periods and higher rest periods and work your way up from there.


Is that going to be less effective than doing one for a month than switching? Most people after they have mens health spartacus workout 3.0 their weight down to a good level are interested Josh Schlottman March 8, at 4: The fasting every other day diet is becoming more and more popular and has been found to be effective with weight If you look this workout up on YouTube it will the the count down and show you what workout is next.

How long have you been running a blog for? I was drenched in sweat and mens health spartacus workout 3.0 fatigued by round 3. Despite getting sick for 1. Your email address will not be published. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Keeping your arm straight, thrust your hips forward and swing the dumbbell to shoulder level as you rise to sparttacus standing position.

Because it is fast moving and haelth, it is the quickest-moving half-hour or so of exercise you will ever experience!

Men’s Health Spartacus Workout

Great work as always! But having workokt snacks on-the-go can Needless to say your site will be my first port of call for advice from now on. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Chris March 2, at 9: