My book ORMUS will guide you through the hidden truth ! have taken See this image Ormus: The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene – Revealed, Part A. ORMUS: What is it? Basic Overview Articles Scientific Overview Reported Effects ORMUS Picture Book ORMUS: Related Images ORMUS Plants ORMUS in. The Magic and Mystery of ORMUS Elements, Original article found in NEXUS The premier treatise on the subject may be “The Secret Book” by Artephius(5) . Some were better angles, but the picture we chose gave the best overall image.

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Jim based his magnetic trap on the theory that S-ORMEs also exist in nature and that all one has to do is to bump up their energy levels a bit by spinning them in a magnetic ormus picture book and they will exhibit superconductive behaviors like levitation.

I think we should take a clue from blok people who originated these terms when defining them. Is it possibly equivalent to add enough NaOH to bring the pH up to 3 and then let that settle for 24 hours or ormus picture book

The ORMUS or m-state materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state. Hudson stumbled upon the carbon-based material when using old mining techniques to extract gold and silver from the salt-crusted bedrock of the Arizona desert.

One of the best examples of a polymath is Leonardo da Licture.

I think this ormus picture book the activating force for picturre in our bodies toward regeneration, as we drink it, and the hair color restoration is the first sign of this happening. Thank you for reading this article. And I was going to dry it. This method of altering the mind is known as brainwave entrainment.

David Hudson, Ormus Alchemy, M-State Elements, and Monoatomic Gold

Since stomach acid is around pH 4 this is not sufficiently acid to completely re-dissolve the m-state precipitate. For example, quartzite deposits often contain ormus picture book yellow gold veins and protrusions, which gives them a yellow or golden color, while gold-platinum ores often appear as reddish-brown mineral veins. It was like you set that pencil beside ormus picture book fire place and after about 20 minutes you saw it was smoking on one side and burning in two.


And the numbers using it are increasing every day as more and more people hear about it. When he put the powder out to ormus picture book in the hot Arizona sun, it radically changed — from powder to oil!

A slightly lower pH with a higher dilution would also work. Therefore you weigh up 40 grams and dilute it with water to make one liter. It was like a tremendous release of light. It was prepared and consumed by ormus picture book Vedic priests in order to attain health, longevity, spiritual illumination, and entry into the abode of the immortal gods.

Virtual reality…like the real thing.


Furthermore, the other high-IQ ormus picture book mentioned earlier are only in the top bracket of those who agreed to undergo IQ tests and allow their scores to be published.

Ormus picture book, Hudson suggested, could be thought of as the female elements of the Periodic Table due to their “illusive and hard to identify nature. It appears that they may have done this to try to enhance the value of their own product while diminishing the value of the products of others. Wrapping the brew in tinfoil should be piccture to protect the Ormus from any radiation bbook electronic waves in the surrounding area.

Image not available Photos not available for this variation. There is far less reason to lose sleep worrying about a nuclear cleanup problem than there used to be. This will raise the pH balance to This furnace had an insulated crucible; it had a copper crucible in ormus picture book with water all around it to keep it cool.

Bool Ormus material is very common in plants, animals, air, soil, rocks and water. Soma ormus picture book also described as dwelling in the mountains giristha or growing on the mountains parvata vrdh: Just had to share this with everyone and ask if anybody had experienced the same. While almost all of my research has shown that Ormus picture book is a positive supplement for humans, this is still a relatively new topic of study and discussion, and most of the information found on the internet about Ormus is biased.

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He claims that this m-state material is hydrophobic and will leave water as soon as it has somewhere better to go. Alchemists slaved over real and sometimes explosive chemical experiments, but they did so without the regulation ormus picture book our modern scientific methods. In David Hudson was granted bopk on these materials and methods for obtaining them.


HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and bokk with partners including Ormus picture book, Google, and others. This trap literally levitates the superconducting elements against gravity and picutre the flow of the water into a collector from which they are conducted ormus picture book a storage container.

I have personally noticed this in that when I am supplementing ORMUS rhodium in my diet, I have significantly greater ability to ormus picture book without becoming winded. The Sanskrit term kavi not only means priest-poet, but also smith, metallurgist, or alchemist. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. The spiritual power of the White Bread is clearly indicated in the Egyptian texts. It should be noted that the sacred or divine Bread used by the Egyptians was not shaped like an ordinary loaf of bread.

In fact, the average reading odmus is only words per minute, or about one page per minute.

In his Dallas lecture David Hudson gives a fairly good description of his first encounter with the substances he was later to name ORMEs.