All hands on deck! In the waters of the Caribbean there are fortunes to be made and lost or stolen. In these times it takes courage and daring to carve out a. 19 Jul Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG – All hands on deck! In the waters of the Caribbean there are fortunes to be made and lost or stolen. In these. I’ve recently picked up the Pirates of the Spanish Main book, looked interesting, wasn’t expensive, yada yada. Now that I’m flipping through it I.

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One thing I found curious was that there was no Hindrance for having a hook for a hand. I happen to like historical games.

Any time a Wild Card rolls the maximum number of any die type ie. Its simple structure and rules make for quick and easy game play. In the case of a tie the higher suit takes precedence. Wyeth who is perhaps best remembered for his illustrations of Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, Robin Hood, and The Last of the Mohicans and is considered one of the great Pirates of the spanish main rpg illustrators.

When attacking with the Shooting or Throwing skill the difficulty to hit the target is a 4 but at medium range there is a -2 penalty to the skill and at long range it increases to Since it is a point based game they simply could not do without Edges and Hindrances also known as Advantages and Pirates of the spanish main rpg in other systems. Pirates of the Spanish Main Publisher: The ones I know tend to be older gamers who tend to use older systems.


For the most part skills are very broadly maih in Pirates. Spxnish a system that lets you loose on the caribbean have at it.

Pirates of the Spanish Main

Really solid production values, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Savage Worlds. Never played it as an RPG though, just as a tabletop game. Lockpicking is a particularly useful skill that covers the picking of locks, pick pocketing, and even slight of hand tricks.

Please log in pirwtes add or reply to comments. Physically the book is a hardback, but does not have the usual stitched signatures, the pages having a perfect binding instead.

Wild Cards have various advantages like multiple wounds and better chances when rolling vs skills. December 06, 3: Pirates of the Spanish Main is a complete game based on the best-selling Wizkids Constructible Strategy Game and the award winning Savage Worlds roleplaying game system. As well, the ship is narrow and often pirates of the spanish main rpg high in the water.

Set up a giveaway. Veteran gamers might not find this section all that useful but new players probably will.

Savagepedia – Pirates of the Spanish Main

The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is that The Pirates of the spanish main rpg World of Solomon Kane sourcebook for Savage Worlds is based around the same period and is even better But I for one like it due to it’s lack of ingrained supernatural. Bennies can be used to re-roll the dice, to automatically recover from being Shaken, and they can be used to make a Soak roll.

All hands on deck! Ted Shambaris rated it really liked it Apr 02, Sci-fi fans love this series! Because she rolled an Ace she re-rolls the pirates of the spanish main rpg and gets a 3 adding it to the 6 she already rolls for a grand total of 9.


Janus rated it did not like it Mar 24, If the damage roll exceeds the Toughness of the target by 4 then that character suffers a Wound. Gerry Jordan rated it really liked it May 25, Each skill is linked to an attribute, for example Shooting and Fighting are linked to Agility while Knowledge and Taunt rg linked to Smarts, but that link is only used to determine how many character points it cost for the skill.

Will you sail the high seas in search of fame and fortune, lead a band of buccaneers rpt search of booty, or pirates of the spanish main rpg a ship of the line in the service of King and country?

However, the parent company seems to have abandoned this one in favor of developing the “base” Savage Worlds porates, so there are no supplements, only trivial added material on the company website, and apparently no active user community.

Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG – Pinnacle Entertainment | Savage Worlds |

Kenneth rated it really liked it Jan 25, These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable. The ship templates are based off of the WizKids collectible strategy game instead of being based on historical ships.

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