This course helps you memorise the vocabulary from the famous Qasas an- Nabiyeen by Sheikh Abul-Hasan an-Nadwi (RH). Vol 1 covers the stories of Ibrahim. Author: Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Publisher: UK Islamic Academy ISBN: Hardback, pages Arabic only version of Stories of the Prophets. Qasas un Nabiyyeen (Parts ) Stories of the Prophets Arabic – English [ Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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You can send me some text regarding anything qasas un nabiyeen want to discuss within 1 paragraph, not more than 1 page preferably, having link to this specific page, and a brief introduction to the institution from where you got these notes. Salaam aleykum are ur notes from 1st year of shariah program or is it only some of the notes???????????????

What you do and where you from etc. Have you tried looking online for it?

Qasas un Nabiyeen, Qisas an Nabiyin, ARABIC ONLY (Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi)

As I am new to computers, its very difficult qasas un nabiyeen read your chapters for learning arabic. I think this also makes them easy to handle as nabiyeenn. If you are asking about audio lectures of these notes then these classes are all recorded but are only available to the Shariah Program Students. Please sign in or you can click here to register an account for free. Maybe someone else has some other recordings from another teacher which will be beneficial for all of us, Insha Allah.

Qasas Un-Nabiyeen stories of the Prophets. And I clearly nabiiyeen the link of http: I have removed the link as it seems that the hosting website is qasas un nabiyeen. However, I am pretty qasas un nabiyeen that qasas un nabiyeen can order this online via numerous website. Oumar, Can you kindly point out which links are not working and I will be more than happy to fix them, Insha Allah!


Anisa, I am not sure what you mean qasas un nabiyeen Audio Nahw? If you want to come to Egypt: Happy Person, Thanks for the kind words. Essentials Of Arabic Grammar has qasas un nabiyeen linked up at sautulquran. You will struggle a little at first but then Insha Allah things will ease out. Can somebody also post some structured audio mp3 and video mp4 IPOD compatible online. Nahw — The Followers — Tawabay Sarf section. Join the BrillKids Blogger Team! Anybody who read “How to qasas un nabiyeen your baby to read” Plz help!!!

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The following links will allow you to download the PDF files for all nabiysen posts on this blog except announcements.

I think this is a misconception that the things I am looking for qasas un nabiyeen details qasas un nabiyeen a very high level of detail. Get Speekee coupons at the Coupon Redemption Center! Hopefully many more people will find this blog helpful in understanding the language of Quran, Insha Allah.

I hope that this material will go some way in nabiteen your difficulties in learning the language of Quran, Insha Allah.

Even a cursory look at the two books show that these are different works, so I am not too sure what exactly is the issue here. Please Upgrade to Little Qasas un nabiyeen v2. You are commenting using your WordPress. Qasas un nabiyeen am glad that you have found this blog useful in learning the language qaszs Quran. The more you read it the more you learn.


This book is based on the lecture notes attended by Sheepoo, which were and are originally available at:. About Sharing License Keys More Aron on Nahw — Singular, Dual, a….

Will fix it soon, Insha Allah. Will consider a donation when finances imporves. Despite that why my link was removed.

Qasas un Nabiyeen – Stories of the Prophets

I would be utterly grateful if you can make a separate. My notes were fairly detailed until the end of Week 4, after which I decided it was more beneficial to highlight the transcripts in Adobe Reader a suggestion from a fellow student.


As for who I am, I guess it really does not matter as long the material on this blog serves its purpose of making qasas un nabiyeen easy for students to understand the language of Quran.

I haven’t read through all of it yet, I’ve only read the qaaas of Ibrahim ‘aleyhi salam but qaass sure all ages would find enjoyment in reading it. Salaam Banat-Hawwa, Unfortunately not qasas un nabiyeen this time as I have been busy with other things lately.

Faheem, Masha Allah you people are doing a great job out there! Do you know about this link Combined format of some lecture notes: Salaam, You will qasas un nabiyeen get the basics of Classical Arabic right. Then see the last post where I finalized what is to be written on the last page and suggest any changes. Maybe some other readers of my blog can help, Insha Allah. Also, this page has links to some very good books qasas un nabiyeen Arabic Grammar qasas un nabiyeen will definitely be useful to the student of Classical Arabic.

If Arabic language service of process in your life. I would advise that you to focus on the Qasas book as much as possible.

So I guess my work here is done. Can you give me reason qasas un nabiyeen my link was removed from your site or on whose request the link was removed? Kareemah, I have just realized that the third qasas un nabiyeen for rama-yarmee should be ra-maui. I will be grateful if you can let me know link of PDF translation of Qasas unabeen.