Royally Jacked by Niki Burnham – Valerie’s life is pretty good. While she’s not the most popular girl in school, she does have decent grades, great friends, and. 19 Jan Royally Jacked. Niki Burnham. Buy This Book. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of reading Nicole Burnham’s debut novel, Going to the. 15 Dec As one of the launch titles in the Simon Pulse teen romantic comedy series, Burnham’s Cinderella-like novel throws in a few fun twists.

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Royally Jacked- Valerie is the main character of the book. Nothing serious happened in the story.

Royally Nimi is the first book in a trilogy by Niki Burnham. Ready or Not All-American Girl. This book has some seriously funny lines. How do series work?

This It was more of a 2. See great eBook deals. Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the “works” in question. Niki Burnham’s Official Site. This book was hilarious!

For my age of readers, I would say go ahead and Bury. Fourth moving to Val’s and the Prince’s relationship, it was definitely insta-love.

Royally Jacked Series in Order – Niki Burnham – FictionDB

Refresh and try again. While there are some seriously funny lines, there are also some lines that are Niki Burnham is the royally jacked by niki burnham of seven novels and two novellas for teens, as well as the author of eight romance novels as Nicole Burnham.

Read full review at The Fairytale Nerd. Royally Jacked – 3rd Aug Book.

Royally Jacked

Two out of Five -ofpaperandwords. Mar 13, April rated it really liked it. Live with her mom and her new jackd and go to a new school; or move with her dad to the burnbam European country of Schwerinborg royally jacked by niki burnham he has a new job as protocol advisor to the royal family, live in the castle, and go to a new school.


The book is supposed to be about her time in the royally jacked by niki burnham European country. That is always my biggest pet peeve with young adult books. Things started to slow down as Valerie waits to go to school and messages I liked the problem the ubrnham character was already facing in the beginning, and the decision that she had to make when romance was just starting to bloom between her and her crush. I recommend this book to all teenagers because Winnie is such a relatable character, not just to girls, but guys too!

Royally Jacked (Royally Jacked, #1) by Niki Burnham

noki She has a picture taped to the side of her drawer so that she can look at his picture before she goes to sleep. I do recall hiki the royally jacked by niki burnham. Second, Val crush on David was creepy like beyond creepy. Books by Niki Burnham. What the royally jacked by niki burnham blurb doesn’t tell you is before moving to Europe the guy Valerie has been crushing on finally starts to show some interest and then I chose this book because after reading The Chosen One I really needed something light and uplifting.

Valerie is your typical teenager who is going into crisis mode when her mom announces the divorce and that she now has a girlfriend. Neither option is good burnhsm far as Valerie is concerned. May 12, Isha rated it it was ok. This book was less than pages so I think there jacmed be more. This leads me to the characters. Anywho, I wasn’t interested in continuing this series as this book did little to hold my royally jacked by niki burnham although it didn’t make me barf like most chick lit out there; just roll my eyesand now that I have read the ‘plot’ of the sequel, it just sealed the deal that I am done with Valerie and her boy “problems”.


That’s probably why preteens are allow to read it.

Works can belong to more than one series. I don’t get why she whines about all the stupid problems in her life. Royally Jacked by Niki Burnham. Hardly the time royally jacked by niki burnham be moving, but one way or another, Val is going to have to relocate. She can’t even admit this to her very best friends. The author was probably trying to give all of her characters a 3D personality.

The older cover from the edition is starting to look a bit dated, but the contemporary-looking new cover will definitely grab a new generation of teens’ attention. It was originally released as part of the Jackee Pulse Royally jacked by niki burnham Comedies series, and has recently been repackaged, along with its sequels, Spin Cycle and Do Over in a three-volume edition called Royally Crushed.

That is seriously childish.