Meanwhile, he found that the Ryodoraku matching the “hand’s yo-mei large intestine meridian” also sometimes appeared in lung disease. Therefore, the. 17 Jun Background. Ryodoraku electroacupuncture (REA) uses a single needle inserted into a targeted body region or acupuncture point, after which. history of Ryodoraku treatment. Therefore, Ryodoraku treatment method is thought to be a new physical therapy which explained acupuncture scientifically and.

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The report Acupuncture report presents suggested methods for therapy, based on the measurements results. Thus, the lines were capable of both excessive and deficient electrical conductance.

Evaluating blinding effectiveness of a novel Ryodoraku sham needle device | Acupuncture in Medicine

During measurement, let the patient grip the electrode but not change the grip hand or grip pressure. The present study has demonstrated that this novel sham REA needle device is an effective single-blind control with the presence of epidermal electrical stimulation, and thus may help determine the efficacy of REA in clinical trials. Skip to main content.

He named this new diagnostic and treatment system ryodorakuwhich translates literally to “good conducting connections”. When different types of stimulation are used with the needle, e. Inferior medial aspect of dorsal prominence of foot.


This process is called “electro-needle therapy. The results are as satisfactory as those for the oriental people. Nakatani named meridian points by an easy-to-use method: HT-H 3 is the point just medial to the middle finger. Commentary and conclusion Sham acupuncture has been used as a control treatment in clinical trials, with the aim of testing the efficacy ryodorsku acupuncture for the treatment of various illnesses.

This “before-questioning diagnosis” is a very valuable aid in daily practice. REA has two components: A ryodoraku diagnosis offers you objective data that can be tracked.


Rgodoraku named these resistance points ryodotenor good connection points. When compared with other sources of stimulative energy, stimulation by mild electrical energy exacts the greatest therapeutic effect. HC-H 2 is in the midline of the wrist joint. Meanwhile, he found that the Ryodoraku matching the “hand’s yo-mei large intestine meridian” also sometimes appeared in lung disease.

The position of the patient for measurement as seen in Fig.

Ryodoraku (Advanced Japanese Acupuncture)

Apart from typical Ryodoraku method jobs, the program has wider possibilities. Log in via Institution. One’s thumb and middle finger should point upward. Measurement is not ideal immediately following exercise or eating. In a localized pain syndrome if sufficient and prompt analgesic effects from mechanical stimulation are desired, continuous or strong stimulation is generally required.

Through extensive research, Dr. Vincent CLewith G. The measurement of electric conductivity in all REPPs is impossible and it cannot be applied in practice. By measuring the conductivity of each meridian, energetic excesses and deficiencies could be located and charted. Therefore, length of time for the placement of the electrode on the point should be uniform. Among the many stimulative techniques, mild direct current to the needle has proven the most adequate and effective for producing analgesia.

Proximal point on 5th metatarsophalangeal joint. The therapeutic points according to the abnormal Ryodoraku are shown at the lower column of the R-chart. Forgot your log in details? The search electrode should be placed on each measuring point at a right angle and with equal pressure. Yin – Yang, North – South, five-elements law etc.

Accordingly, these findings and their potential limitations warrant further investigation. In oriental medicine, adjusting the basic and essential functions of the whole body in general by considering the physical constitution is called “total functional adjustment”. Some physiological studies have shown that electric energy has an effect 10, times greater than that of mechanical energy. Two fine lines were drawn 0. Ryodoraku is a system of diagnosis and treatment developed by Dr.


The report contains energetic state rating for nine different meridian groups i. Direct current may change the peripheral polarization potential in tissues. Energetic diagnosis The report Energetic diagnosis contains summarization of measurements in a Ryodoraku form, preliminary diagnosis and results’ interpretation.

Ryodoraku Treatment First, your autonomic nervous system is checked using a neurometer, a piece of diagnostic equipment specifically designed for ryodoraku. Nakatani was the first recorded acupuncturist to use electrical stimulation of acupuncture points.

To confirm this, average values of electric conductivity at all REPPs along a specific meridian should be ryodorkau.

All participants were allowed to observe the whole procedure, in which a stainless steel acupuncture needle diameter 0.

Two types of disposable, disinfected and non-commercially produced devices for real and sham needle insertion were created figure 1. The aim of the present project was to create and evaluate a sham needle device for REA, by testing whether or not participants were able to judge ryodoraju if the needle was inserted.

That is, in each Ryodoraku, the electroconductive readings for healthy subjects differ.

These findings are valuable in judging the prognosis and therapeutic results, as well as the patient’s psychological response. Electric energy is, therefore, most effectively used for nerve stimulation. Therefore, if one investigates according to his own medical speciality, there will be some slight variations from this Table. Contact the search electrode to the grip electrode as shown in Fig.